First Blog

This is a blog. I don’t often read blogs, so in order to get this right I looked it up in wikipedia. Excuse me while I click and mouse over to Mr. Wikipedia…. Ah, so blogging started in the late 90’s with the emergence of the web. I suppose that at some point someone had something important to say but the sheer joy of keyboarding gave those who like to speak out loud in class a kind of cosmic megaphone. By February 2011 there were 165 MILLION blogs…thats more than a couple of smart alecks getting uppity in home room, thats a veritable global homeroom uproar!  And here I go, blog #1,650,001!

I make these things out of this place…..

 well, not with the chainsaw silly. Thats for keeping away squirrels. So stay tuned and let me know whatcha think.



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One Response to First Blog

  1. andrew greve says:

    I think that’s awesome!

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