Right tool for the job

Wow. That blog was a long time ago. I just didn’t recognize that the internet and computers are tools for the trade. Up until recently I thought a hacker was a skier from Texas and a selfie….well you go blind if you do it too much is all I know.

Now this is a tool I understand…its a  California framer and  has pounded nails from Idaho, Colrado, Vermont, Maryland, South Carolina and maybe a few tent stakes in Utah.

At 22 oz and a waffle head w/ the axe style hickory handle (I’ve replaced at least 3 of these), I can adjust wall plates, tweak headers and rip the cap off a reineer. Semi retired, he will best be known for diving home the giant tenons when I builtIMG_5656 gates such as these when I lived in Folly Beach, SC. (Thats epoxy all over the handle).



Now this is the new guy a 16oz Daluge (made in USA), he is wiry and efficient, setting nails in  trim, tapping a toy car axle into place, and crushing ice for a mojito.



Funny, still can’t get that I don’t run out of film when taking these pics….

Enough of this, go play!




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