Where y’all from?

So I often get asked where the wood comes from, how I came about getting it, is  there a story behind it? Well, I can’t say that I remember EVERY piece but I do know something about these guys..

Image 17

These are parts of a table from an old restaurant in Folly Beach, SC . They’re made of mahogany and I am a sucker for mahogany.  Originally salvaged to use on the interior of my Tartan 27 sailboat but never did so they hung around for awhile until I broke down and made these stands…

Image 20

 These are for displaying (duh!) the smaller  cars, like by the cash register or Ill use them at a craft show or something. Customers are  buying them to go with a few cars, so I need to make a few more than usual.

Back to the restaurant…the place was a dump and was in business only a short time.   The tables had these archeological finds not just stored gum and typicall greasy spoon food stains but cigarrette burns, worn edges from use and some gouges that were maybe from an atempt to carve some initials or draw a map. In this place the map would be more like where to park the getaway car or where Mrs. Williams keeps her silver.  And each rip and cut I took away that history, thats why I save old wood. It speaks to me.

Funny thing about the restaurant, the new owners put up one of those “Formerly the yada yada yada” banners to let the good people of Folly Beach that there was  another place to get grits and fried oysters…except the old name was “The Sanitary Restaurant”.  So the sign said: “Formerly Sanitary”.

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