sales and sailing

You may not know it, but you are in sales.  5th grader writing a composition…penmanship, content, vocabulary, punctuation and whatever else 5th graders do. You sell the composition with whatever you got. Up for parole? you are totally in sales..dress nice, stripes all nice and neat, ball and chain polished, yes ma’am, no sir… I am a changed person.  Politicians, waiters, taxi drivers…there is an aspect of sales in every walk of life.

In sailing, as in sales, every effort has an affect. When racing not only is there a course to sail, sails to trim and wind conditions but the weight distribution, currents, rules of the “road” and fleet management must be contended with.  These variables can change by the minute and must be addressed.


Recently towards the end of the day at a market I was talking to what I thought would be a now buyer, changing to a maybe later but be nice keep talking kind of situation. He was very interested in sharing his knowledge about an antique tool I was selling, when another potential customer walked by casually looking at some toys. I bailed on the first guy and focused on the new potential customer. Giving up completely on the tool guy. In sailing this would amount to a crash tack to go for new wind on starboard. The current course was going nowhere fast and an effort must be made to make a change for the better. That effort payed when the now customer asked “Do you sell wholesale?”

Sometimes its the boat or maybe the good start or the lackluster performance of the competion. Other times the crew for some reason actually does things right again and again and sometimes, well sometimes a nice breeze just gives you a lift.

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